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“The Adrenaline Workout®

If you want to squeeze out every ounce of your natural athletic ability and potential, you need to possess two key traits; a burning desire to improve and a strong mind to push your body.  If you truly believe that you have these traits and are ready to reach for the next level of your athletic performance, THEN IT’S YOU WE WANT!!!!

Our unique system consistently applies time-tested group training techniques, blended with an intensity level many have never experienced.  But there will be a big pay-off for those willing to do what most won’t dare; you will profoundly improve your quickness or “first step” along with an increase in flexibility, body control, core strength, running economy, endurance and top-end speed.  This system is conducted entirely in challenging outdoor settings at various locations conducted in private groups without ever using equipment or training devices!  Your body and mind is all we need.  This unique “unconventional” way of conditioning the body has been utilized by nearly every professional athlete around the world including Olympians because it WORKS period.  Our objective is simple; we want to fine-tune the machine called the human body and you’re the machine.

So, are you ready to get to the next level and higher?  If you answered “yes” come out and experience what many other people in your community are doing to realize their maximum athletic ability.

Groups are capped at 30 people per session on a first come first serve basis. 

2 (1 hour) sessions per week.

Fee per athlete is $204 for 12 sessions (6 weeks $17/session) , $360 for 24 sessions (12 weeks $15/session) or $468 for 36 sessions (18 weeks $13/session).

Cleats, towel, Gatorade and running shoes strongly recommended for sessions.


Private sessions are also available:

" Running Technique/Economy" - one 1/2 hour session ($29) or three 1/2 hour sessions package ($75). Learn and execute the science of running with correct form, cadence and relaxation, to reach your genetic potential. Also avalable for active/competitive adult runners.

 "Perfecting the Sprint Start"- one 1/2 hour session ($29) or three 1/2 hour sessions package ($75). Learn and execute the proper steps needed to have the "perfect start" for your upcoming 40.


*All people must have waiver signed by guardian before participating, no exceptions.  All adults must sign their own waivers prior to participation.

*All people are invited to a 1 time free trial session*Modified program available for active adults.  Times/days to be determined by demand, minimum of 6 adults to form “group.” Capped at 30.

*We guarantee to dramatically enhance athletic performance,  speed and condition in 6 weeks or it’s free!!


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