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I started Adrenaline in November 2010.  It has been the exact catalyst I’ve needed.  I wanted to weigh 140 by vacation in March, 2011.  I dedicated to the program, started to lift weights and added another day of cardio, by the time we left for Brazil I not only met my weight goal but had surpassed it by 4.5 pounds.  My diet was never a huge problem, but I’ve gotten new recipes and have been able to really look at my intake and make smarter choices.  Adrenaline has given me a new confidence that I’ve not had in the past.  I’m learning that I can push through things that would have stopped me a year ago – I’m not fast (don’t know that I will ever be fast, but that is okay), because I am stronger and learning that if you just put one foot in front of the other, you will accomplish the task at hand.  I found a confidence that allowed me to buy a string bikini – my first one in more than 20 years – and I wore that bikini on the beaches of Brazil with pride and not wanting to hide the accomplishments of the last several months.  My husband told me on vacation that I reminded him of the 17 year old young woman he met our freshman year of college – I am now 40.  Adrenaline has helped me find the embodiment of a 17 year old – thank you!!

Shereth T.
Glen Allen, VA
March 31, 2011


You never know how much you love something until it is taken away from you - isn't that what people say?  I found this out when my doctors told me I had an enlarged aorta and I needed to have surgery.  I was to stop working out immediately and recovery from surgery was going to be about 12 weeks.  If you are wondering whether Team Adrenaline is right for you, read my story.

So I met Paul at the Shady Grove Y after one of my "workouts" in the gym in Spring 2009.  I was feeling a little tired, thinking I had just had a tough workout with the weights.  I was standing by the front destk and Paul introduces himself.  He told me a bunch of people do this workout outside and I should check it out.  Since the first one was free, I thought "what the heck" and gave it a shot.  I thought I was in good shape.  I mean, I lifted weights and everything, right?
Team Adrenaline was 60 minutes of torture, pain, HELL - all wrapped into one.  My lungs and legs burned.  My shoulders were shaking.  I could barely walk afterwards.  I could not complete all the sets of the workout.  The feeling that I was going to puke was right there.  I was very humbled.  There were people older than me that were just cruising around me, lapping me.  They didn't look like they were in any pain.  They made it look so easy.
I did not come back for a long time.  But I did do some running - I ran the Ukrops 10k and then I signed up for the SunTrust Marathon.  Deep down I knew that Adrenaline would help me in running these races.  I knew it.  But I was afraid - I was afraid of the soreness.  I was afraid I would get injured and that I would not be able to run the races. 
Flash forward to last Winter.  After recovering from the marathon - and my time sucked, by the way - I decided I was coming back to Adrenaline.  It was cold, it was snowing, sleeting, raining.  It didn't matter.  I did Adrenaline 2 and sometimes 3 times per week.  I did this leading up to the Ukrops 10k.  With the passing of each week, the workouts got easier.  That is not true, the workouts were still tough, but I felt better quicker after each workout.  The recovery from each workout was easier.  I was getting to be in the best shape of my life.  All of the sudden, I had some serious goals.  I was going to run that 10k in under 50 minutes.  I missed it by 13 seconds, but I still ran the fastest 10k of my life. 
I continued on with Adrenaline through the hottest Summer in Richmond.  Sweat was constantly in your eyes.  The heat just zapped the energy from your body, but still I kept coming back twice a week.  I was in the best shape of my life.  I could not wait for Fall and the cooler days because Paul told us how much faster we would be with less humidity and cooler days. 
Then my doctors took it away ... Adrenaline was taken away from me.  It was depressing, really.  All of my teammates - I couldn't be with them for those 2 hours every week.  I realized how much I loved Team Adrenaline.
After surgery, I could only do some walking for the intial weeks.  When I could progress to jogging, I would come back to the Y and use the indoor track.  Through the windows, I could see my Adrenaline teammates working out in the parking lot.  It just made me push that much harder to get back out there with them.  It was my motivation to get back!  I was counting down the weeks until my return.
I have been back about a month now.  I am still trying to get back into the shape I was in pre-surgery and it is not easy.  But being back with Paul and the crew has made it much more enjoyable and easier than if I was trying to do it on my own.  And the motivation to meet up with them twice a week is always there!  I definitely encourage you to give it a shot - if you are on the fence and not sure, just come try it.  It could change your life forever!
Greg D.

February 2011


Thanks Paul – for everything!

Thanks for keeping me motivated and inspired - over the past year you have been part in helping me discover how important a healthier life is and what it means to find self confidence, self acceptance and what we have to be thankful for everyday.

GOD put you in my life when I needed it most and for that I am eternally thankful. Don’t ever forget what you do for people – you give people their lives back!

P.S. ..thanks for making me take time this morning to be thankful and to have a cry!
Adina N.


As a Mom on Mother's Day, I can't thank you enough for what you did for Skylar, Friday at the track and yesterday at the meet. You are so kind and thoughtful, it is clear that you really care about the people you work with, especially the young people. You have that rare gift of inspiration, not something that can be learned because it comes from a sincere heart. When I see other young people come up to you, it's so obvious that they have genuine respect for you. Knowledge is one thing, how you deliver it is the key.

Thank you so much, Paul, things don't have to be perfect to appreciate the major difference someone has made in your life. You have made such an impact on Skylar's confidence and knowledge as a runner and as a young person. Thanks for the joy you have given her, as her Mom, I truly, truly honor you for it.
Please express our appreciation to your wife and kids for sharing you with us on such short notice.
See you on Thursday!
Have a great week,


Being an ex-MLB Player, I know the demands on the body that it takes to compete at the highest level. The strength, speed and endurance needed to be successful. The only thing I can only tell you by seeing what Adrenaline Sports puts our young men and women through at DRHS is that I wish I could have been exposed to this when I was their age. I would have been a lot better mentally and physically to compete. If you were to ask me, Should my son or daughter get involved in the program? My answer is a immediate "yes". It's going to make you a better athlete!

Tommy Greene
Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Houston Astros


"As a lacrosse coach and fan, the players that always seem to standout are those with explosive first steps and speed. After seeing the results of our players that are currently in Adrenaline and participating in a few sessions myself, I am convinced that this program can create the competitive edge so many of our players are looking for. The other component of the program that stands out is the positive manner in which training is conducted.  The players are pushed beyond what they are accustomed to but encouraged by not only the instructor but the other participants as well.  This is a great combination and I hope more of our players will decide to participate."

Coach Shaver - Deep Run Wildcats club lacrosse, West Point graduate/lacrosse-father of 3 boys


"I think the program is great in the fact that it not only building speed but core strength as well. As a former college coach and part time pro scout I can see that the program makes kids show better as athletes. Most programs pursue the athlete and mold them. This program leads kids in the right direction regardless of their sport."

John B. - (American Legion Post 361)


"I love Adrenaline Sports USA because it offers a very dynamic experience. The workouts are never the same and each time a different muscle is utilized. I like that the training is outside and everything is natural. No equipment is used; only nature and your own body. It is very personal and you can tell that Paul truly cares about the progression of his trainees. I noticed big a difference in my work ethic, quickness and core strength; not to mention, I'll never complain about hills again :). I would highly recommend Adrenaline Sports USA to anyone."

Sarah Z. - University of Virginia club soccer


"Playing soccer for Clemson, I have first hand experience of what it takes physically and mentally to compete in division one sports. When I would come home for Christmas and summer break, I would train with Paul to maintain and increase my fitness level. He ran every sprint, step, and mile right next to me, pushing and encouraging me. I've experienced a lot of training as an athlete and none compares to Adrenaline. This was the only program I found that prepared me for collegiate sports and significantly improved my performance on the field. I would highly recommend Adrenaline for any athlete serious about competing in college."

Avery O. - Clemson University Women's Soccer


"Adrenaline Sports USA teaches us to push past our comfort level. It makes us not only stronger physically, but mentally as well. I have taken other agility programs in the past and I did not like it because we constantly did the same drills. In Adrenaline Sports USA we do a variety of drills that are more of a challenge at varying locations. This programs puts you in game-like drills to prepare your body for the real-game situations. When I enter a lacrosse game or a wrestling match, I know that I am more prepared mentally and physically which allows me to win!"

Peyton Walsh - Deep Run High School Varsity Wrestler


"It was a workout chock-full of everything good for your body. Strength, agility and cardio all covered in 60 minutes. As a mother of 3 young daughters and business owner I don't have a lot of time each day for a full body workout. Paul, your training sessions cover it all! Your workouts are fun, efficient and target each muscle group. You're living proof that training the way you do will produce a stronger and firmer body in no time"

Christine F. - Mother of 3 & business owner


"The Adrenaline Sports speed workout is the most unique speed routine I have ever gone through. The workout spends a lot of time on hills and acceleration uphill while maintaining good running form with zero tension. This drastically improved my acceleration. Within 3 weeks I was able to drop my 50 yard dash time by .4 seconds and my 100 yard dash time by nearly 1 full second. Paul is an excellent instruction with amazing energy. I have never done a speed workout that showed results as quickly as Adrenaline Sports does."

Tyler B. - Deep Run High School, Baseball and Football


"Paul Caminiti and Adrenaline Sports USA have helped me tremendously. I love the feeling after I worked every mental and physical aspect. I feel happy and like I've actually done something to benefit myself for the future. I really like being a girl and dealing with all the boys being faster than me. It actually teaches me and pushes me to be just as fast as them. It is very different because we work muscles and areas that have never been worked before. These areas are essential to progress in the fitness program. I've noticed a difference in my fitness level and I have definitely improved mentally."

Malena Z. 16 Deep Run/Strikers Soccer


“Every school is constantly raising money to improve their athletic facilities.  This is not just a college thing, this is happening in our high schools.  Young athletes are spending hours in weight rooms working with machines, free weights, rubber bands, special jumping shoes, etc.  What happened to getting outside and running, jumping, pushing, pulling and playing?  There are muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints that aren’t worked when using machines.  They are worked by working outdoors.  Paul’s workouts at Adrenaline Sports work the whole body.  The athlete improves their balance, coordination, quickness, speed and endurance.  All in a positive group environment – outdoors!  The desire to succeed and improve is infectious with Adrenaline Sports.  If you or your young athletes want to get faster, quicker, stronger or better, check out Adrenaline Sports USA!”

Sean C. - Masters duathlete/runner-father of 1


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